About Us

This longstanding Wellington icon originally opened on Willis Street in 1989 but moved two years later to Courtenay Place. It was on the move again in 2009. The café is now located within the cultural hub of Wellington on Cuba Street.

The café's reputation and philosophy of 98% caffeine, 2% human has ensured the business's longevity. The quality coffee, music and service that this café is renowned for continues to impress its followers.

When Leighton started Espressoholic, he had no idea that he was to create a favourite late-night hangout for countless caffeine junkies - or that the cafe was going to help him find true love with his now wife and co-owner Majida.

Sure enough, the cafe became an icon. Nowadays they still serve the same fresh, locally sourced food that made Espressoholic an icon.

Be sure to visit Espressoholic for a nice, hot cuppa or indulge in one of their many cabinet treats on display. Psst, they're licensed too!